October 19th, 1901, Lamb House

Something like the man who subscribes to an agency for ‘clippings’ – a Romeike, or whatever, quelconque, to send him everything, ‘that appears about him,’ and finds that nothing ever appears, that he never receives anything ———

And connection between that and notion suggested by little case of woman writing to me (to fill in some paper) on behalf of Outlook. The case of the newspaper girl or man who needs your reply, your taking some notice – suggesting once the little antithesis for tale: the would-be newspaperite whom, by a guignon, of his, of hers, people never answer (and sadness of that); and the other who finds that they never fail, that they leap, bound at him, press, surge, scream to be advertised; and ugliness of that. Awfully good little possibility seems to me to abide in it, as contrast and link between them – different shows of human egotism and the newspaper scramble: or even in the opposition, conjunction, rencontre of failure-girl and man first-named.